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Tim Jarvis is a Eugene area sculptor and instructor. He specializes in hot glass, flameworking, cold working as well as metals, stone and other organic materials. While teaching as the Studio Manager at the University of Oregon for ten years he had the opportunity to collaborate across departments on projects with Art and Architecture, Material Science, and Landscape Architecture. As a result he currently works collaboratively with other professional artists and designers and is excited to have his work represented in the City of Eugene’s public art collection.



The glass finial design is based on the keystone or capstone in an archway. Keystones are placed at the apex of the arch during the final stage of construction, this is mirrored by the glass finials being at the apex of the signpost as well as being the final design element selected in the wayfinding project. My goal was to create something timeless and cohesive to the existing architecture and signage of Eugene.

The shape of the finials reference art deco lines as I feel, that is one of the most timeless styles in architecture. There are 10 different colors placed at various locations throughout downtown appearing as beacons for pedestrians. The processes used for making the finials involved several different glass disciplines. Ladle casting, coldworking, recycling torchworked glass from various studios in and around Eugene, and sheet glass produced at Bullseye Glass located in Portland, Oregon.


City of Eugene

Wayfinding Sign Finials 


Dimension 15” x 6” x 4.5”

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